Large Machine Learning

Unveiling the Security Risks of Large AI Models: Comprehensive Report Explores Impact & Trade-offs

Explore our in-depth analysis of security risks and accuracy trade-offs in large AI models. Discover the key implications of LAIMs' development and the imperative shift needed in AI technology.

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Written and prepared by:

El-Mahdi El-Mhamdi, Sadegh Farhadkhani, Rachid Guerraoui, Nirupam Gupta, Lê Nguyên Hoang, Rafael Pinot, John Stephan

What’s inside

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Venture into the intricate security issues surrounding Large AI Models (LAIMs) through this e-book. It offers a critical examination of the potential security risks, inherent vulnerabilities and significant trade-offs between accuracy and security in LAIMs. Brace for an eye-opening exploration into the high-risk scenarios and a call to rethink current privacy and security measures in AI development. A must-read for every AI enthusiast and professional!

The Evolution and Milestones of Large AI Models

Evaluating the growth and potential security risks of Large AI Models in a comprehensive e-book guide.

Security Vulnerabilities and Trade-offs in LAIMs

Explore security risks, trade-offs, and potential for exploitation in Large AI Models (LAIMs) development.

Challenges in Training LAIMs with User-generated Data

Explore the security risks and challenges in training Large AI Models (LAIMs) using user-generated data.

Debunking the Myth: High Accuracy and Strong Security in LAIMs

Explore the trade-offs between the high accuracy and security of Large AI Models (LAIMs) in this critical analysis.

Inadequacy of Current Measures against Sophisticated Cyber Threats

Explore the security vulnerabilities of large AI models and the inherent trade-off between accuracy and security.

High-risk Scenarios: Potential Misuse of LAIMs and Unintended Consequences

Explore the potential dangers and unintended consequences of Large-scale AI Models (LAIMs) in terms of security and misuse.

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