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Exploring the Report: Boosting Reception of Expert Opinion by Inducing Feelings of Ignorance

Explore the power of humility and self-awareness in accepting expert economic advice. Delve into AI-related studies revealing how inducing feelings of ignorance increases receptivity to reliable opinions.

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Written and prepared by:

Ethan A. Meyers, Martin H. Turpin, Michał Białek, Jonathan A. Fugelsang, Derek J. Koehler

What’s inside

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Explore the ways in which inducing feelings of ignorance in individuals makes them more receptive to expert opinion, particularly within the field of economics. This e-book gives an insightful look at the many psychological factors influencing our willingness to accept expert advice and ways to counter these for better decision-making.

Understanding the Wisdom of Acknowledging Ignorance

Explore how acknowledging our ignorance can make us more receptive to expert opinions, particularly in economics.

Overestimation of Knowledge: A Hurdle to Seeking Expert Advice

This e-book explores how inducing feelings of ignorance can make individuals more receptive to expert advice, particularly within the domain of economics.

Inducing Feelings of Ignorance: Methods and Strategies

Explore strategies to induce feelings of ignorance, increasing individuals' receptiveness to expert economic opinions and advice.

Implications of Ignorance Induction on Receptivity to Expert Opinions

Analyzing how inducing feelings of ignorance can make individuals more open to accepting expert opinions, particularly in economics.

Unmasking Knowledge Biases: Improving Receptivity to Expert Advice

Explore how inducing a sense of ignorance can increase people's receptivity to expert. A focus on economic advice is discussed.

Reinforcing the Value of Expert Opinions for Better Public Discourse and Decision-Making

Delving into how recognizing one's own ignorance can drive receptivity to expert opinion, with a focus on influencing better decision-making.

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