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Introducing AIC4: Detailed Report on AI Cloud Service Compliance Criteria

Discover AIC4, the definitive guide to secure AI cloud services. Explore trustworthiness evaluation methods for AI solutions, based on updated, flexible security guidelines.

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Written and prepared by:

Federal Office for Information Security of Germany

What’s inside

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Inside the "AI Cloud Service Compliance Criteria Catalogue (AIC4)" you'll find valuable guidelines by the Federal Office for Information Security on ensuring the trustworthiness of AI services in the cloud. This handbook provides a robust framework for assessing AI cloud services' security, covering machine learning methods in extensive detail, balanced with flexibility to allow for innovation. This document, rooted in adaptable design, aims to secure AI across various application environments.

Establishing Trustworthy AI Cloud Services

A guide to assess the security of AI cloud services, developed by the Federal Office for Information Security.

Applying Existing Cloud Security for AI Services

Explore how to adapt current cloud security protocols for AI services to ensure trustworthiness and reliability.

Adaptable Guidelines for Diverse AI Technologies

Explore adaptable guidelines for securing diverse AI technologies in cloud services with the AIC4 catalogue.

Balancing Detailed Security with Innovation Flexibility

Navigate the unique security challenges of AI-based cloud services without compromising innovation with the AIC4 catalogue.

Addressing Gaps in Current Machine Learning Methods

The e-book addresses the need for improved security in AI cloud services, tackling existing gaps in machine learning methods.

Towards Secure AI Implementation in Diverse Sectors

Explore the guidelines for implementing secure and trustworthy AI solutions across diverse industries outlined in the AIC4 catalogue.

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