Exploring the AI and Human Rights Report: Building a Future Aligned With Public Interest

Explore insights from the AI and Human Rights report, offering strategies for aligning AI advancements with public interest and ethical standards. Let's shape a tech future upholding human rights together.

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Written and prepared by:

Adam Yasmin, Adamma Izuegbunam Chau, Alexandra Robinson, Alison Safran, Aman Khera, Andrew McAdams, Angela Garabet, Audrey Gu, Ayca Ariyoruk, Ayesh Abduljali, Ben Grazda, Bintu Alkassoum, Bobby Zipp, Bryanne Gilkinson, Carey Crooks, Cari Miller, Carla Bell, Cate Gwin, Chhavi Chauhan, Chiara Arena, Chidinma Umahi Nwankwo, David Ryan Polgar, Deborah Ehling-Gwin, Duduetsang Mokoele, Elijah Otor, Emily Clay, Eric Wamugu, Farah Bogani, Frank H. Nein, Jr., Freida Siregar, Gabrielle Lisk, Gökçe Çobansoy Hızel, Gwyn Glasser, Hana Gabrielle Bidon, Helin Yontar, Isabell C. Camillo, Joan Edwards, Joi Podgorny, Karina Alexanyan, Kashyap Rajesh, Katie Mansfield, Keerti Rajagopalan, Kimberly Wright, Lama Mohammed, Lauran Howard, Lavina Ramkissoon, Lili Siri Spira, Linda Shum, Lisa Hehnke, Lucy McGrath, Lukas Madl, Mallika Dargan, Manojit Nandi, Marilena Velonia-Bellonia, Marisa Dinko, Martina Howard, Melissa Guzman, Mert Sarikaya, Mustafa Gökberk Tektek, Nayyara Rahman, Neil Davis, Nell Watson, Nipuna Ambanpola, Nyle Hamidi, Ori Freiman, Paul Guinnessy, Phil Kennedy, Pujitha Gullapalli, Rachel Lewis, Rebecca Wright, Rebekah Tweed, Renée Cummings, Rhonda Moore, Roberto López-Dávila, Sai Bourothu, Savannah Thais, Scott Trump, Sedona Thomas, Seth Villegas, Shallie The God, Sinan Robillard, Spencer Gurley, Sukhi Chuhan, Thabang Mmese, Tilottama PAL, Tina Lassiter, Tom Thorley, Tomer Poran, Tosin Fatoyinbo, William McSweeney, Yasmin Adouri, Zac Lovell, Zoe Viner, Albert Fox Cahn, Alberto Rodriguez, Alexa Koenig, Alexandra Robinson, Alice Hunsberger, Anupam Chander, Arthur Gwagwa, Arthur McCallum, Beena Ammanath, Bruna de Castro e Silva, Camille Carlton, Damini Satija, Dr. Dédé Tetsubayashi, Diana Nyakundi, Dunstan Allison-Hope, Ellie Sakhaee, Gemma Galdon-Clavell, Hessie Jones, Ivana Bartoleti, James Brusseau, Jan Juhani Steinmann, Jeannie MariePaterson, Jenna Hong, Jennifer Easterday, Jess Reia, Jessie J. Smith, Kate Jones, Kevin Klyman, Kolja Verhage, Laura Walker McDonald, Lee J. Tiedrich, Lisa Schirch, Merve Hickok, Nick Couldry, Nora Lindström, Patrick Grady, Dr. Peaks Krafft, Philip Dawson, Talita Pessoa, Valérie Morignat, Vilas Dhar, Vyara Savova

What’s inside

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Peek inside our AI and Human Rights report to explore the intersection of technology and human dignity. This critical resource sheds light on the societal impacts of AI and outlines a roadmap towards a more fair, inclusive, and human-centred tech future. Packed with expert advice and strategies, it's a must-read for technologists, policymakers, and human rights advocates.

Exploring the Interplay of AI and Civil Rights

Explore how AI intersects with human rights and the strategies proposed to guide tech advancements for public interests.

Tackling Privacy Concerns in the Digital Age

Exploring AI's intersection with human rights, this report outlines strategies to align technological advancements with the public interest, privacy, and fairness.

Understanding the Impact of Synthetic Media on Information Integrity

Exploring the influence of synthetic media like deepfakes on information accuracy and trust, and ways to combat potential misuse.

Navigating the Challenges of Content Moderation in AI

Navigating complexities of content moderation in AI while balancing freedom of expression and safety.

Harnessing AI in Healthcare: Opportunities and Stumbling Blocks

Exploring the role of AI in healthcare, this section evaluates its potential benefits and challenges, stressing the need for ethical guidelines.

Balancing Surveillance Technology and Predictive Policing with Human Rights.

Exploring the balance between emerging technologies in surveillance and predictive policing, and the protection of fundamental human rights.

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